AJAX handler 'onComment' was not found.

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Issue #27 resolved
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Plugin is installed and set up.

My blog uses a partial to output the post information. The comments component is placed within that partial.

Form shows on the website, but when filled out I get the following error on submission

"AJAX handler 'onComment' was not found."

My site footer has both {% scripts %} and {% framework extras %} at the bottom of the code. I am currently loading jquery 1.8.3 before them, but I have also tried with 2.1.4 with no luck.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Dan H

    No, I had the component in the partial.

    Moving it to the page along with the component call solved the error of submission.

    The form can be filled out and submitted, the mouse changes to a loading icon for a while, and then back to a pointer, no post shows.

    If I refresh the page, the comment will display.

    Plugin settings require no pre-approval.

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