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Eddie Rodriguez created an issue

Hello, great plugin! I know that some of these issues have been reported but the solutions do not work or don't apply to my case.

My setup:

  • Local Dev/windows10
  • Vagrant VM/ Scotchbox
  • Materialize CSS
  • No installation errors

Voting Not Working:

  • Component is added to page out of the box / No override
  • Posting comments works /no errors

Either numbers/stars voting function is not recording votes. I'm using October's frameworks/scripts and ajax works everywhere else. I've tried to refresh plugin, clear cache, uninstall/install, composer update

Overriding Component:

  • Followed steps according to: October docs
    • Copied default and partials to theme partials ** Changed all SELF to alias name

Plugin works just as above but now after submitting a comment I receive:

The component 'comments' is not found.

however, the comment is posted and saved in backend just the same without override. Voting still dosen't record votes. I've looked tirelessly through all the component default and partials but I think this may have something to do with the js file. Just like the"missing stars" issue below

Missing Stars:

Had to change file path like this user:

The stars render but voting is not recorded as stated above.

Also, the Comments icon on CMS section takes me to empty page "page Not Found". Not sure if its related to same issue.

Thank you!

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