User is not recognized in 'reply' if users have different access

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Issue #34 closed
Manu Saxena created an issue

I am using User plugin's "User-group" to give different access to users for paid pages. I have two payment options, low and high. If user pays for low than user gets access to some pages only. If user pays for high than user gets access to all the pages including the pages of low.

Here, Jon Doe has paid for low (access to low) Punxiaomi has paid for high (access to high (all pages))

  1. here logged in as Jon Doe

pic 1.JPG

  1. Now writing a reply from Jon Doe


  1. Now logging in as Punxiaomi


In the "Reply" the username and avatar disappears.

Comments (8)

  1. Manu Saxena reporter

    Hi Alexey, could you please expedite the solution for this. It is kind of a major bug. Thanks.

  2. Alexey Sozonov repo owner

    Could you provide more info. Can you check logs? Can you check correct user id of comment?

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