Migration of version 2.x failed

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Issue #9 closed
Tim created an issue


after the update from 1.x to 2.x I don't see any more comments. But the data is still in the database.

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  1. Tim reporter

    I updated all rows now with type = "blog", now i can see the comments in the backend. However the frontend doesn't work.

    The comments are always empty. Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 20.29.31.png

    The dump always results in null.

  2. Alexey Sozonov repo owner


    There is a serious problem with updating nested tree. So I need more time to fix this issue.

  3. Alexey Sozonov repo owner


    I updated plugin.

    1. Create database backup!

    2. Run this in your terminal to fix the nested tree: php artisan comments:fixtree

    3. Set the slug property

    Also I return slug property. Now you can choose how to filter comments: by slug or by url (just leave field empty). So if you had cms page with uri blog/post/:slug and the property was :slug, your old comments should be displayed on the page now.


    I updated all rows now with type = "blog"

    In the second version of plugin I added filter to backend list for quick filtering of comments. It is optional property (only for comfort).

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