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 * simplejson
 * pytils (optional, need for russian language support)
 * south (optional) - required for migrations
-* django-granular-permissions - for advanced permissions management (
+* django_granular_permissions - for advanced permissions management (
 How to install PYBB?
 * Run `python pybb_install` or do following steps manually:
   * Find the static directory in the pybb source and copy or symlink static/pybb to %MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb
   * Create %MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb/avatars directory and chmod it (if that required)
-* Put `django-granular-permissions` into settings.INSTALLED_APPS (
+* Put `django_granular_permissions` into settings.INSTALLED_APPS (
 * Put `include('pybb.urls'))` into main project file
 * Do `python syncdb`

File docs/dependencies.rst

 * pytils (optional)
 * south (optional)
 * database driver (depends on what database server you use). In most cases it will be mysql or postgres driver (python-mysql and python-psycopg2 packages in Debian).
-* django-granular-permissions (
+* django_granular_permissions (
 You can install these software via pip or easy_install. In case of pip you can use this `dependency list <>`_ with ``-r`` option

File docs/installation.rst

   * Add ``from pybb.settings import *`` line
   * Add ``pybb.context_processors.pybb`` to ``TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS``
   * Add ``pybb.middleware.PybbMiddleware`` to ``MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES``
-  * Add ``django-granular-permissions`` to ``INSTALLED_APPS``
+  * Add ``django_granular_permissions`` to ``INSTALLED_APPS``
 * Add ``url('', include('pybb.urls'))`` to ```` file
 * Run command `` migrate`` if you installed `south <>`_ (recommended) or ``./ syncdb`` (if south is not installed)
 * Symlink or copy pybb static files to %MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb. You can use ``./ pybb_install`` command.