Stanislav Panasik avatar Stanislav Panasik committed e74e407

Removed checks for topic permissions. Now only forum permissions are checked.

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     except Topic.DoesNotExist:
         raise Http404()
-    if (not request.user.is_superuser) and (have_permissions(request, forum, 'deny-view-forum') or \
-       have_permissions(request, topic, 'deny-view-topic')):
-        # user cannot view this topic
+    if (not request.user.is_superuser) and have_permissions(request, forum, 'deny-view-forum'):
+        # user cannot view this topic because cannot view this forum
         return HttpResponseRedirect('/')
     topic.views += 1
 def show_post(request, post_id):
     post = get_object_or_404(Post, pk=post_id)
-    if (not request.user.is_superuser) and (have_permissions(request,, 'deny-view-forum') or \
-       have_permissions(request, post.topic, 'deny-view-topic')):
+    if (not request.user.is_superuser) and have_permissions(request,, 'deny-view-forum'):
         return HttpResponseRedirect('/')
     count = post.topic.posts.filter(created__lt=post.created).count() + 1
     page = math.ceil(count / float(settings.PYBB_TOPIC_PAGE_SIZE))
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