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Repository Layout

Make sure you put your code in the correct spot or the Grues will eat your face.

* [doc](#doc)
* [lib](#lib)
* [public](#public)
    * [images](#public_images)
    * [javascripts](#public_javascripts)
    * [stylesheets](#public_stylesheets)
* [routes](#routes)
* [test](#test)
    * [client](#test_client)
    * [server](#test_server)
    * [server-integration](#test_server_integration)
* [views](#views)
* [config.js](#config_js)
* [index.js](#index_js)
* [grunt.js](#grunt_js)

<a name="doc">doc/</a>

Any documents relevant to developing the website should be put in this folder

<a name="lib">lib/</a>

This is where the application logic belongs. The controllers that render the website should be as thin as possible with all logic in the files located here. By doing this then all the logic of the application can be unit tested.

<a name="public">public/</a>

Any content placed in this folder will be served as static files.

<a name="public_images">public/images/</a>

In the interest of keeping things neat please put all graphics used in the template/theme of the website in this folder

<a name="public_javascripts">public/javascripts/</a>

All client side javascript should live in this folder. For now let's not minify or concatenate the code as we may not need such a fancy system given that most of the site is fairly static.

<a name="public_stylesheets">public/stylesheets/</a>

This folder holds the Stylus files which are used to generate the CSS files. If the filename is foo.styl then a request for foo.css will cause foo.styl to be processed and outputed to foo.css which is then served in subsequent requests.

<a name="routes">routes/</a>

This folder contains the controller code. As noted above, these controllers should be fairly thin. The index.js file in this folder has a setup method that sets up all the routes.

<a name="test">test/</a>

This folder contains all the test items

<a name="test_client">test/client/</a>

This folder contains the client side QUnit tests

<a name="test_server">test/server/</a>

This folder contains the Nodeunit unit tests for server code

<a name="test_server_integration">test/server-integration/</a>

This folder contains the integration tests for the server

<a name="views">views/</a>

This folder contains the views for rendering. The layout.jade file is the master template which exposes blocks for the other templates to render.

<a name="config_js">config.js/</a>

This is the config file for the application. The file is in the gitignore so if you wish to commit changes use the -f option when adding it to your commit. Make sure that no keys or secrets are stored in this file, all such data should come from environment variables set on the server.

<a name="index_js">index.js/</a>

This is the launching point for the application. Anything that is outside of configuring the application does not belong here. If it's not configuration then it can be tested, and testable things should be in the lib folder

<a name="grunt_js">grunt.js/</a>

Grunt file for automation.