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Crypt of the NecroDancer for the Death Roulette

You can use this repository as a base to set up more games for the Death Roulette.

Edit the manifest.json file to match the game you want to support:

  • It must contain title, hostBetId and groups keys.
  • You can add or remove groups (like Hazards and Places), they are not fixed.
  • In each group:
  • bets must be a number that limits the number of different bets one can place on that group
  • size must contain a width and height for all the bet images for this group
  • categories should contain lists of bet option by categories (you decide how to categorize them)
  • Alternatively, you can replace categories with all if you have no sub-categories (see here for an example)

Then place all the bet images in the groups folder, zip it all up and email it to me. I'll review it and add it to the roster of games.