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@gdevbot is a Twitter bot for making games.

I'm making the source public in hopes that it can be useful to others trying to make their own Twitter bots.
Feel free to look into how it's built.

Getting started with development

  • Make sure you have the latest Node.js installed.
  • @gdevbot is written in CoffeeScript, Run npm install -g coffee-script to install it.
  • @gdevbot uses Gulp for building stuff. Run npm install -g gulp to install it.
  • Run npm install in the repository's root folder to install or update dependencies.
  • Run gulp watch in the repository's root folder. When you edit player files in public, they'll automatically be rebuilt.

Running the bot

  • Copy to and fill in the blanks
  • Run coffee to start the bot.
  • If you make changes to, you'll need to stop and restart the process. (We might want to setup nodemon later?)