General, Reusable Packages from JSA Research & Innovation [1]

A collection of hopefully general and reusable packages.

Provided "as is" by JSA Research & Innovation. Support contracts and consulting services are available on request.

Bug reports are (not) very welcome. Please report any errors or omissions at or by e-mail to


The Ada packages supplied in this repository are distributed under the ISC license, unless something else is noted in the individual files.

Build dependencies

  • GNU Make
  • GNAT
  • Perl


make test

runs the included test suite.

Included tests

The repository comes with two ready-to-use test cases:

1) 'unused_units' - warns about units which aren't compiled.


make build

builds all the packages in the repository, but the intended use is to include the sources of the library in your project and compiling on demand.

If you want to find free Ada tools or libraries AdaIC [2] is an excellent starting point. You can also take a look at my other source text repositories [3] or my web site [4].

[1] Source text repository:

[2] Free Ada Tools and Libraries:

[3] My repositories on Bitbucket:

[4] My web site: