LEGO tools [1]

Tools for processing and generating LEGO building instructions.

* build_mpd_file - collects a number of LDraw (.ldr) files in a single
                   "multi-part-dat" (.mpd) file.

* split_ldraw_file - splits a "multi-part-dat" (.mpd) file into its
                     constituent LDraw (.ldr) files.

* fractal_landscape - generates a fractal landscape (PGM file).

* pgm_to_ldraw - converts a landscape (PGM) file to LDraw format.

* outline_boundaries - outlines boundaries between different colours in a PGM

Build dependencies

+ GNU Make
+ Perl


If you want to find free Ada tools or libraries AdaIC [2] is an excellent
starting point.  You can also take a look at my other source text
repositories [3] or my web site [4].

[1] Source text repository:
[2] Free Ada Tools and Libraries:
[3] My repositories on Bitbucket:
[4] My web site: