What is this repository for?

  • These are the files necessary to create the Foundations of Statistics book. Foundations of Statistics is a first course in probability and statistics, which emphasizes simulation, data and R. We use a mix of base R and the tidyverse packages, with emphasis on ggplot2 and dplyr. The mathematical requirement for this text is Calculus II; however, many sections do not require any math beyond arithmetic, and students who are not interested in derivations can skip the more advanced mathematical sections.

How do I get set up?

  • You will need to have dplyr, ggplot2, ISwR, slueth3, MASS, tidyr, Lahman, car, bookdown, and babynames libraries installed.
  • You will need RStudio version 1.0 or higher.
  • Open Book.rproj in RStudio.
  • Use bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd", "bookdown::gitbook") to create .html
  • Use bookdown::render_book("foo.Rmd", "bookdown::pdf_book") to create .pdf. This doesn't work perfectly, and will yield errors. You will need to examine the .tex code that is generated and manually fix the mistakes, and compile the LaTeX document.

Contribution guidelines

  • Please make sure that entire book compiles using bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd", "bookdown::gitbook") before creating pull request!
  • Ideally, contributors would create an Issue describing their intent to allow feedback before making changes, but this is not necessary for small changes. The commit implementing changes should reference the issue, if one exists.
  • Contributors should resolve any conflicts with master before submitting pull request.
  • All contributions are valued, and contributors will be treated with respect.

Who do I talk to?

  • Repo owner: Darrin Speegle.