Graphical RamVerk

Graphical RamVerk is a powerful 3D engine/framework that is user friendly and highly modular.

Currently only supporting Windows.


Graphical RamVerk currently features:

  • Stateless OpenGL rendering
  • FBX models
  • A powerful, multithreaded jobsystem
  • A modular, jobified and easy to use component-system
  • A very easy to use event system

In order to give you these features Graphical RamVerk works using a self-written math library, a precompiler which makes the code easier to write and more readable, an easy to use, powerful shader system, and much more!

Upcoming features

Graphical RamVerk is currently under development and this is some of the features we currently are working on:

  • Scripting - since C++ isn't the best language for things like gameplay, we plan on implementing Lua for this
  • Editor - we want users that aren't too familiar with programming to be able to use the features of Graphical RamVerk

Third-Party Libraries

For now, Graphical RamVerk depends on some third-party libraries. We are however very careful with the licenses of these libraries. A list of current libraries:

  • OpenGL - for rendering
  • GLEW - for Windows use of > OpenGL 1.2 functions
  • freetype2 - for font rendering
  • rapidjson - our current way of storing our 3D models/animations
  • FBXSDK - for loading FBX files (this will not be included in the binary since it's license is rather restricted. This is only used in a converter to convert files to our format)

Apart from these libraries, Graphical RamVerk uses a few third-party tools to simplify the work with it. The tools included in the repo:

  • Premake5 - for project generation
  • Doxygen - for documentation creation

There are also a few tools you will need yourself to install:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (or newer)


Ambitions are high however we realize that we don't have quite the time or manpower we would like, this is our long term wishlist:

  • Vulkan rendering
  • Linux Support
  • OSX Support
  • Android Support
  • iOS Support
  • Console Support
  • Oculus Rift Support
  • Scripting - Python
  • Scripting - D
  • Scripting - Java
  • Scripting - Scala


The developers behind Graphical RamVerk are two recently graduated students who studied game programming at PlaygroundSquad, Sweden. We started this project after realising that most engines on the market are either slow, hard to use or very expensive. Therefore we came up with the plan to make a simple, yet powerful, open source game engine. It's written in C++ (C++11) using the best of the best features of the language. We focus on making everything as fast as possible while still providing a simple interface to the user.


Graphical RamVerk is licensed under the MIT license. Please check the license file for more information. However, this license does not cover the content creator.