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IDEA setup notes

I have used this procedure on both IDEA Unlimited (non-free) and IDEA Community (free).

  • I'm using IDEA 10.5.1
  • This guide assumes we are still using SBT 0.7
  1. Download the latest Scala plugin from here, and place the unzipped Scala directory in $HOME/.IntelliJIdea10/config/plugins/
  2. Also, install the SBT plugin from the plugin repo. (You might want to skip the repo and just grab the latest version, like you did with the Scala plugin.
  3. Follow the SBT setup instructions on NOTE: you should not download sbt-launch.jar from the website. Instead, copy $UPDOWN_DIR/project/build/sbt-launch-0.7.7.jar to $HOME/bin/sbt-launch.jar and proceed from there. Just go to the point at which you can execute the "sbt" command. No need to create a project since we already have one.
  4. Once you have an sbt console up and running (from the project root), you can generate the IDEA project thusly (see stackoverflow):
 > *sbtIdeaRepo at
 > *idea is com.github.mpeltonen sbt-idea-processor 0.4.0
 > update
 > idea

Then you should be able to open the project in IDEA.

  • Do not enable type-aware highlighting. It doesn't work, and lots of stuff will be reported as errors.
  • You'll also want to enable Mercurial support. Menu Bar > Version Control > ...