Georg Brandl committed d1f0fb8

Closes #757: some more x86_64 register names

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     floatn = decn + r'\.e?' + decn
     string = r'"(\\"|[^"\n])*"|' + r"'(\\'|[^'\n])*'|" + r"`(\\`|[^`\n])*`"
     declkw = r'(?:res|d)[bwdqt]|times'
-    register = (r'[a-d][lh]|e?[a-d]x|e?[sb]p|e?[sd]i|[c-gs]s|st[0-7]|'
+    register = (r'r[0-9][0-5]?[bwd]|'
+                r'[a-d][lh]|[er]?[a-d]x|[er]?[sb]p|[er]?[sd]i|[c-gs]s|st[0-7]|'
     wordop = r'seg|wrt|strict'
     type = r'byte|[dq]?word'
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