spirit committed 7de5276

Add hints argument (list of language codes) to limit the possible languages
(closes #3).

This does not guarantee that the returned language code will be one of the hints.
For instance, Japanese detection is still script-based.

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-def guess_language(text: str):
+def guess_language(text: str, hints=None):
     """Return the ISO 639-1 language code.
     words = WORD_RE.findall(text[:MAX_LENGTH].replace("’", "'"))
-    return identify(words, find_runs(words))
+    return identify(words, find_runs(words), hints)
-def guess_language_info(text: str):
+def guess_language_info(text: str, hints=None):
     """Return LanguageInfo(tag, id, name).
-    tag = guess_language(text)
+    tag = guess_language(text, hints)
     if tag is UNKNOWN:
         return LanguageInfo(UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN)
 guess_language_tag = guess_language
-def guess_language_id(text: str):
+def guess_language_id(text: str, hints=None):
     """Return the language ID.
-    return _get_id(guess_language(text))
+    return _get_id(guess_language(text, hints))
-def guess_language_name(text: str):
+def guess_language_name(text: str, hints=None):
     """Return the language name (in English).
-    return _get_name(guess_language(text))
+    return _get_name(guess_language(text, hints))
 def _get_id(tag):
     return relevant_runs
-def identify(words, scripts):
+def identify(words, scripts, hints=None):
     """Identify the language.
     if ("Hangul Syllables" in scripts or "Hangul Jamo" in scripts or
         return "zh"
     if "Cyrillic" in scripts:
-        return check(words, CYRILLIC)
+        return check(words, filter_languages(CYRILLIC, hints))
     if ("Arabic" in scripts or "Arabic Presentation Forms-A" in scripts or
             "Arabic Presentation Forms-B" in scripts):
-        return check(words, ARABIC)
+        return check(words, filter_languages(ARABIC, hints))
     if "Devanagari" in scripts:
-        return check(words, DEVANAGARI)
+        return check(words, filter_languages(DEVANAGARI, hints))
     # Try languages with unique scripts
     for block_name, lang_name in SINGLETONS:
         #return "vi"
     if "Extended Latin" in scripts:
-        latin_lang = check(words, EXTENDED_LATIN)
+        latin_lang = check(words, filter_languages(EXTENDED_LATIN, hints))
         if latin_lang == "pt":
-            return check(words, PT)
+            return check(words, filter_languages(PT))
             return latin_lang
     if "Basic Latin" in scripts:
-        return check(words, ALL_LATIN)
+        return check(words, filter_languages(ALL_LATIN, hints))
     return UNKNOWN
-def check_with_all(words, langs):
+def filter_languages(languages, hints):
+    """Filter languages.
+    """
+    return languages.intersection(hints) if hints else languages
+def check_with_all(words, languages):
     """Check what the best match is.
-    return check_with_enchant(words, langs) or check_with_models(words, langs)
+    return (check_with_enchant(words, languages) or
+            check_with_models(words, languages))
 check = check_with_all
     check = check_with_all if use_enchant else check_with_models
-def check_with_models(words, langs):
+def check_with_models(words, languages):
     """Check against known models.
     sample = " ".join(words)
     scores = []
     model = create_ordered_model(sample)  # QMap<int,QString>
-    for key in langs:
+    for key in languages:
         lkey = key.lower()
     enchant_base_languages_dict = None
-    def check_with_enchant(words, languages, threshold=0.7, min_words=1,
-                           dictionaries={}):
+    def check_with_enchant(words, languages,
+                           threshold=0.7, min_words=1, dictionaries={}):
         """Check against installed spelling dictionaries.
         if len(words) < min_words:
         ("", UNKNOWN),
+    # Tests with limited possible languages
+    tests_with_hints = [
+        ('Gemälde "Lady Diana" '
+         'Original Acryl-Gemälde 60 x 80cm auf Leinwand, gerahmt',
+         "de",
+         {"de", "en", "fr", "it"}),
+    ]
     # Tests that work only when PyEnchant is available.
     enchant_tests = [
         ("Guess the language!", "en"),
         for text, name in self.tests:
             self.assertEqual(guess_language(text), name)
+        for text, name, hints in self.tests_with_hints:
+            self.assertEqual(guess_language(text, hints), name)
         text = "Vérifions que le détecteur de langue fonctionne."
         self.assertEqual(guess_language_tag(text), "fr")
         self.assertEqual(guess_language_name(text), "French")