Can't install module for python 2

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Artyom Boyko
created an issue

I'm trying to install latest guess_language module. The description says it can be install using lib3to2. But how can i do that ? First i install 3to2. Then

3to2 guess_language-spirit-0.5a1 -w

breaks package. after i run

python install

I get message:

Finished processing dependencies for UNKNOWN==0.0.0

Please help

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  1. spirit repo owner

    You should not directly use 3to2. The script takes care of everything. To install the package for Python 2, just use:

    python2 install

    Even if you don't have 3to2 installed, the script will just download any required dependencies.

    You may also use "pip install guess_language-spirit" to install from PyPI.

    Sorry for the poor installation instructions.

  2. spirit repo owner

    Just to elaborate on why you should not use 3to2 on the whole directory: it's because only the guess_language package itself is designed to be convertible, whereas the and other utility scripts are carefully written to be compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3. Unexpected things will happen if you try to convert those with 3to2.

    Bottom line is: don't run 3to2, just use the script.

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