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Issue #5 resolved

Train a language

Anonymous created an issue

Hi. I would like to know if there is any way to train a language to get better results.

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  1. Nicholas Akosu

    Please i am new to this language guesser. I don't know how to train new languages. what is the format to use generate_trigrams? How do you spesify the text and the code for the new language? I made attempt to train a new language but I cannot use generate_trigrams script: I get the error - generate-trigrams not defined. Kindly assist, please.

  2. spirit repo owner

    Try python3 generate_trigrams.py --help.

    usage: generate_trigrams.py [-h] txt_dir output
    positional arguments:
      txt_dir     directory of plain text files
      output      output trigrams file
  3. Jia xiaoru

    Hi. I want to train new languages.when I execute python generate_trigrams.py,it show error message like that: File"<stdin>",line1 generate_trigrams.py [-h] trian output SyntaxError:invalid syntax .Python windows installer is python-3.3.2.msi.

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