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language_tool – LanguageTool through server mode

Example usage

>>> import language_tool
>>> lang_tool = language_tool.LanguageTool("en-US")
>>> text = "A sentence with a error in the Hitchhiker’s Guide tot he Galaxy"
>>> matches = lang_tool.check(text)
>>> len(matches)

Check out some Match object attributes:

>>> matches[0].fromy, matches[0].fromx
(0, 16)
>>> matches[0].ruleId, matches[0].replacements
('EN_A_VS_AN', ['an'])
>>> matches[1].fromy, matches[1].fromx
(0, 50)
>>> matches[1].ruleId, matches[1].replacements
('TOT_HE', ['to the'])

Print a Match object:

>>> print(matches[1])
Line 1, column 51, Rule ID: TOT_HE[1]
Message: Did you mean 'to the'?
Suggestion: to the
... with a error in the Hitchhiker’s Guide tot he Galaxy

Automatically apply suggestions to the text:

>>> language_tool.correct(text, matches)
'A sentence with an error in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy'


To install the package for Python 3, use:

$ ./setup.py install

To install the package for Python 2, use:

$ python2 setup.py install

On Windows, you may use one of the MSI binary packages provided on the download page.


The installation process should take care of downloading LanguageTool (it may take a few minutes). Otherwise, you can manually download LanguageTool-stable.zip and unzip it into where the language_tool package resides.

LanguageTool requires Java 6 or later.