Hunters can tame pets with high lvl abilites, which makes them very strong

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Issue #14 open
Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen created an issue

This means some pets the Olm the Wise can easily solo lvl 10 mobs alone without taking much damage.

Pet HP and armor might also be too high.

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  1. SICC

    So out of curiosity, with the recent scaling changes, is this even still a thing? Not to mention this was posted quite some time ago. I went to go test it, but the mob is still currently disabled to where you cant attack it, or try to tame it.

  2. Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen reporter

    I don't think It's as much of a problem anymore but some high lvl abilities might still be too powerful. Olm is disabled? That's odd. I didn't change the mob.

  3. SICC

    Well, not sure if disabled is the correct term, but you can go to where it is, and it just sits there and it doesn't allow you to attack it, or try and tame it. Its been like that for a while actually. I just always figured it was put into that state since it was so strong.

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