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Issue #17 resolved
Andrew created an issue

Obviously this is just a flesh-out, but I suppose writing my opinion while questing through it here could only help the development of it. Get ready, because it's going to be a long one.

  • To start, it feels not zoned enough, and very nonlinear, the areas for the first 2 quests are a short walk away, however it doesn't feel as if we're being directed there to do said quest. It was more of a gamble finding them.

  • The amount of kobolds that spawn is too low, and the kobolds are not layered properly. The Kobold Vermin and Workers need to be in the front more, with the Laborers in the further back. Change text quest to redirect the player to both of these locations and it should be a smooth questing experience for Alliance players. However, we DEFINITELY need more Kobold Workers

  • Like the kobolds, the wolf population seems low (probably considering random adventurers continually pillage their families). To support multiple people leveling, the number may need to be increased, after kill ~4 or 5 wolves I ran out of wolves to find around the general vicinity. The wolf population may need to be closed in more, but doesn't seem to be a very large concern to be honest. Could be left as it is and work fine.

  • On a positive note, the integration of actual quests belonging to the area helped the leveling curve feel very smooth! 10 Points to Spiritboar! However, the natural quests pull away from the Kobold quests, meaning to complete every quest, more walking than really needed is involved. Still, this is just a minor quality of life improvement that doesn't even need to be made.

  • The Defias Quests specifically "[4] Brotherhood Of Thieves" is so far down the beaten path I found it by chance looking for more Kobold Workers. Luckily, there were Kobold Workers at said camp! Score!

  • After completing every quest I could actually find, I am left with [5] Report to Goldshire, [4] Milly Osworth, and [11] The Public Servant. No clue where Milly Osworth is, and I'm fairly certain we're a bit from Goldshire. Totally lost as to where I need to go. Logging for the night, and will continue the search in the morning.

  • After spirit ressing and walking back to the start zone, I decided to head to Kharanos. Indeed the quests are usable on both factions, but there is no real reason for Alliance to go there, or nudge for us to go there as well. For a new player this could be super confusing.

  • I assume from here on out, all quests have been completed, there's my "review" on the Alliance Starting Zone.

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  1. Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen

    I just wanted to say that this is a top notch analysis of the alliance starting zone! I hope I can make the new starting zone at the Airfield more complete and fun.

    Thanks a lot for writing this, even though it's a while ago! :)

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