Attackable Mount Vendors & Trainers

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Issue #25 resolved
Andrew created an issue

Whilst playing on my ally toon, I took notice to the fact that at least 2 of the horde mount trainers were attackable, I only checked the Taurens and the Orc mount trainers and vendors. This is not the same for Horde, who cannot attack the ally trainers.

ALSO. They will not attack you unprovoked, you must attack them first.

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  1. Andrew reporter

    wait wtf did i upload the same screenshot

    the other one was supposed to be the orc mount vendor dudes lol

  2. Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen

    Thanks for the report, I noticed this as well. You can also attack the horde class trainers in Kharanos ^^

  3. Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen

    This has been fixed when the remaining NPCs in Dun Morogh was made cross faction.

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