Airfield Starting Zone Initial Thoughts & Bugs

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Issue #26 new
Andrew created an issue
  • Good amount of mobs for supporting multiple questers

  • Mobs can be reset by jumping past the boxes and into the Northern bunker, as the pathing doesn't support the boxes.

  • Quest Text Error - 1. Eagan Peltskinner, quest obtained from Deputy Willem, the description states "seeing a lot more wolves in Northshire Valley" on line 3 of the quest text. Also, the quest-text states his current position as if we were in Northshire as well...

                            1 . Change "wolves in Northshire Valley" to "wolves in Dun Morogh"
                            2 . Change text to "He's near the tent, to my left.", instead of original text describing the abbey.
  • Quest Text Enhancement - 1. Wolves Across the Border states that "I hate those nasty timber wolves!", The airfield has both Timber and Young Wolves perhaps change text to include the young wolves as well, as they DO drop the quest objective item "Tough Wolf Meat"

  • Quest Enhancement - Respawn rate of Defias Thugs on the ice may be too high.

  • Quest Text Error - 1. Bounty On Garrick Padfoot quest - "Kill Garrick Padfoot and bring his head to Deputy Willem at Northshire Abbey." - "Was seen at a shack near the vineyards, which lies east of the Abbey and across the bridge."

            1. Fix - Change "Northshire Abbey" to "(Ironforge) Airfield" (Text Prelude)
            2. Fix - Change to "Was seen near a closed in cave, which lies South of the airstrip, and west of the frozen pond." (Line 3)
            3. Suggestion - Change "farmers and merchants" to "Miners and Engineers"(Line 1)
  • Portal to Ironforge works both ways ^^ KappaPride

This is pretty much all I found, other things could be improved but it isn't necessary. Also, can you reduce the cost of training?

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  1. Andrew reporter
    • Monetary rewards such as copper/silver may need to be increased to suit training needs at level 5.
  2. Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen

    Did you remember to delete the WDB folder before testing? Otherwise quests you have seen before will not have the updated texts.

    Hmm, the boxes was an easy fix to get into the bunker, but I will see if something else works with pathing.

    Yep, defias respawn rate is crazy.

    Training cost have been cut in half for now, but may need to be reduced more.

    Regarding portals, do you mean you can keep going back and forth between IF and airfield? That's the intention right now at least.

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