Fear ward not taught to dwarf priest

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Issue #70 open
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Hey im level 10 I really love your server and its idea! But i turned in the fear Ward quest as a dwarf priest and i wasnt taught Fear ward.. Can you add the spell to my spellbook please? As the only reason i went with dwarf was to get the fear ward spell and i just got so demotivated i didnt learn it via the quest at Kharanos :(... Otherwise your server seems great so far!!! A bit inactivetivty but its new so whaddya hope! I love the concept!! :D

My character name is Stannis I barely have any gold.. and I just spent it all on epic mount and everything so id really not like to start over. <3 Love from Denmark!

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  1. Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen

    This seems to be a general issue with the priest quests I added to the trainers. The spells aren't added to players after completion.

  2. Ghrim

    Still missing. As well as Devouring Plague for Undead, Elune's Grace for Night Elf, and Shadowguard for Troll.

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