DC's causing missing stats/items.

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Issue #75 resolved
Doombringer created an issue

Rep bar with Bloodsail Bucaneers appears out of nowhere, all items along with the gold I had disappear, i have 0 stats and armor, weird descriptions when mouse-overing over char stats, all skills disappear, I do not get any resistances even though I have gear which provides some, proffesions at 0/0, cannot do abilities which require a weapon in main hand. Also, the chat I'm writing is bugged (only I see it bugged) and quests' progress is reset. Sometimes, when logging in, i get teleported to the place i have been when i got bugged. If i die and logout while ghost, i get revived and ported to the same place i was before when logging in. Can't get rid of the bug, tried logging with addons disabled and such - nothing worked. P.S. i was level 10 when i got it, my in-game char is called Doombringer.

It is really difficult to say when exactly i got this bug, possible causes: opened a couple of chests in eastern plaguelands, wetlands and the arena chest in gurubashi. Logging out in the middle of gurubashi arena maybe? Certain quest or quest status failed.

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  1. Speedle

    Same here. Hunter Pewpow lvl6. And I noticed a strange sound of looting money immediately after login.

  2. garagexp

    Same sort of thing happened to me. I dc'd from internet issues and when I got back in I had similar issues as Doombringer. Now everytime I log back in I spawn in the Coldshire valley graveyard and my level and exp is reset to what it was when my dc first happened.

  3. Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen

    This appears to be the same issue where bags/items are missing for some people after a sudden DC because of network issues or something similar on their end.

  4. Peder Kronsgaard Detlefsen

    A temp fix that seems to work right now is to force a world reload by i.e. teleporting to the opposite continent.

  5. Ghrim

    that temporary fix is only good as long as you stay logged in. As soon as you logged out its bugged again. You also now have to respec your talent tree every time because the game doesn't recognize that you have points set. My talent to make corruption instant doesn't work unless I respec. I would honestly push for a fix on this ASAP above all else because this is becoming more and more frequent and would be great to find out the cause.

    Also it has happened to me without getting a "sudden DC" or network issues. I'll log off in Kharanos Inn and then next time I log in I'll be in some random location that I was at previously... or I'll just be standing in Kharanos forever. You can go in-game and do a /who then look on the player stats (http://boarcraft.net/stats.php) page and see who is bugged. If they show as "online" on the player stats page but don't appear in /who in-game then they're bugged out.

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