Get-TargetResource returns TaskName in its dictionary, but it is defined as Name in the schema

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Issue #193 resolved
Joshua Hendrickson created an issue

When running Get-DscConfiguration on a computer with a Carbon_ScheduledTask resource, I receive this failure:

Get-DscConfiguration : The PowerShell DSC resource returned results that are not valid from Get-TargetResource. The TaskName key is not a valid property in the corresponding DSC resource schema file. The results from Get-TargetResource must be in a Hashtable format. The keys in the Hashtable must be the same as the properties in the corresponding DSC resource schema file.

The implementation of Get-TargetResource should be changed to return Name as a property instead.

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  1. Aaron Jensen repo owner

    Fixed issue #193: Carbon_ScheduledTask DSC resource's Get-TargetResource function doesn't return correct resource properties and causes Get-DscConfiguration to fail. → <<cset 3a866fb46fdb>>

  2. Joshua Hendrickson reporter

    Thank you so much for the fix. Can you post an update when this is available on PowerShell Gallery?

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