DSC Carbon_FirewallRule does not accept combination of profiles

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Issue #209 resolved
Karel Frajták created an issue

There's a mismatch in documentation:

First the (autogenerated) documentation indicates that Profile is one of Any | Domain | Private | Public values:

[Profile = [string]{ Any | Domain | Private | Public }]

Then the table describes the parameter as String[] and plural

Specifies the profile(s) to which the firewall rule is assigned. The rule is active on the local computer only when the specified profile is currently active. Valid values are Any, Domain, Public, and Private.

And then in the code (Carbon_FirewallRule.psm1, line 118) there's:

'Profile' { $value = $rule.Profile.ToString() -split ', ' }

When I tried Profile = @("Domain", "Private") I got an error Write-NodeMOFFile : Invalid MOF definition for node 'localhost': Exception calling "ValidateInstanceText" with "1" argument(s): "Convert property 'Profile' value from type 'STRING[]' to type 'STRING' failed

Please fix this, since it is allowed to create rule with multiple profiles.


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