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NuGet: adding Chocolatey support to NuGet package.
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Added tag 2.0.0-alpha.39 for changeset 0f11b3623866
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NuGet: adding Chocolatey support to NuGet package.
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Fixing broken tests.
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Renaming Grant-Permissions to Grant-Permission.
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Adding missing license notices. Updating Chocolatey tests to play nice with DSC tests.
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Renaming LICENSE to LICENSE.txt.
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Documentation: adding about_Carbon_Support help topic.
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Adding missing license notice.
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NuGet: adding Chocolatey support to NuGet package.
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Adding script for publishing to
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Publish-NuGetPackage.ps1: adding file path and NuGet API key parameters.
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Creating script to publish to PowerShell Gallery.
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Changing README.
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Carbon_FirewallRule: now fails if it finds multiple firewall rules with the same name.
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Adding documentation to the Set-LicenseNotices script.
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Adding missing license notices.
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Updating to 2.0.0+39.
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Removing exta lines from tags.json.

Carbon is a PowerShell module for automating the configuration and setup of Windows workstations and servers. More information is available at

Contributions are welcomed and encouraged!