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[svn] noop instead of raising a KeyError when there's no cycle or counter to reset

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     Resets the cycle so that it starts from the first element in the array
     the next time it is used.
-    del request_config().environ['railshelpers.cycles'][name]
+    try:
+        del request_config().environ['railshelpers.cycles'][name]
+    except KeyError:
+        pass
 def counter(name='default', start=1, step=1):
     """Return the next cardinal in a sequence.
     Resets the counter so that it starts from the ``start`` cardinal in
     the sequence next time it is used.
-    del request_config().environ['railshelpers.counters'][name]
+    try:
+        del request_config().environ['railshelpers.counters'][name]
+    except KeyError:
+        pass
 def truncate(text, length=30, truncate_string='...'):