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Lee McFadden
Added support for SQLAlchemy 0.6 in
Delete manual and glossary skeletons -- not needed for WebHelpers.
More documentation.
Module documentation.
Merge feedgenerator patch.
Document modules.
uk_countries() returns tuples, and docstring cleanup.
Mike Orr
Add 'generator' and 'source' properties to RSS2 feeds. Patch by Vince Spicer.
Documentation home page.
Cheesy first draft of WebHelpers logo.
Initial Sphinx documentation structure.
Delete Pudge templates.
Philip Jenvey
these assume dict ordering, disable (for now) on Jython
Remove dependency on ``pylons.request``; pass ``order_by`` to constructor.
Change *args, **kwargs to discrete arguments.
Rename ``jsmin`` module to ``_jsmin`` to discourage direct use by users.
Delete unfinished stringex module, which is now in webhelpers.text.
Put Ben Bangert's webify/stringex helpers in webhelpers.text.
Refactor external dependencies and add docstrings and tests.
New helper ``strip_tags()`` deletes HTML tags in a string.
Import Ben Bangert's stringex/urlify library.
More notes.
Put Ergo's grid helper in unfinished directory.
Add OptionGroup class and optgroup support to select().
Changelog warning about failed tests for webhelpers.pylonslib.minify .
Merge presliced list changeset and update CHANGELOG.
Mike Orr
Delete stray image from James' rejected helpers.
Ben Bangert
Adding presliced list option to avoid slicing when list is already sliced
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