www computer music design tools

version 1 - 26-02-2018

www computer design tools is a collection of Max patches developed for the realisation of music and sounds for the interactive web-based soundwork "Web Wall Whispers" (www).

Description The aim of these tools is to build up instruments and digital sound processing engines, focused on sounds manipulation and recombination (such as concatenative and granular synthesis and hybridization), driven by custom, suitably scores, in order to write and store parameters for these instruments, allowing to replicate determinate sound gestures.

“WWW Computer Music Design Tools” includes the following patches: cataRT_score.maxpath vocoder.maxpat vocoder_multi_preset_interp.maxpat granulator.maxpat hybridator.maxpat binaural_concat.maxpat


Max packages and externals needed:

bach, v. beta (available on Max Package Manager, free)

ejies, v. 3.2.4 (available on Max Package Manager, free)

MuBu for Max, v. 1.9.4 (available on Max Package Manager, free)

Spat, v. 4 (available on

yin~, part of Max Sound Box, (available on

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