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  \subsection{Research question}
  The goal is first to be able to \emph{generically} memoise functions by using
  either |memo :: (a -> b) -> (a->b)| or |memoFix :: ((a -> b) -> (a -> b)) ->
  (a -> b)| that respectively memoise functions non-recursively and recursively.
  Secondly the goal is to implement pragma-driven memoisation in UHC (cite). And
  at last check whether the introduction of the memo-fix operator has any impact
  on optimisations.
\section{Previous work}
\cite{Hinze00memofunctions}, \cite{Jones99stretchingthe}, and

\section{Our contribution}

  \subsection{Generic Memoisation}
  \subsection{Implementation in UHC}
  \subsection{Effect analysis}

\section{Future work}