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 pyLoad is a free and open source downloader for 1-click-hosting sites
 like or
-Link-Crypt services like as well as the RSDF Link-Container
-are also supported.
+It supports link decrypter as well as all important container formarts
 pyLoad is written entirely in Python and currently under heavy development.
 To read the newest info, get the latest version, find help or contribute
-to the wiki, visit
+to the Wiki, visit
 To report bugs, suggest features, ask a question, get the developer version
 or help us out, visit
-====[ Using pyload
+====[ Needed
+python-crypto: using Gui or Cli and RSDF/CCF/DLC Link Container Format support
+python-pycurl: Lower memory footprint while downloading
+wxpython: For the GUI
+tesseract, gocr, python-image or pil: For Captcha recognition
+====[ Using pyLoad
 Add your links to the links.txt file and start pyload with:
+Start Core:
+python #to run the Gui, Core must already run
+Start an Interface:
+python #to run the Cli, Core must already run
+python #to run the Gui, Core must already run
 For more information, see