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Changed display of required fields in forms to use bold, rather than a star

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     start_template = u'<div class="form">'
     end_template = u'</div>'
-    required_text = u' <span class="required" title="This field is required">*</span>'
     def as_p(self):
         "Returns this form rendered as HTML <p>s."
                     if label_text[-1] not in ':?.!':
                         label_text += self.label_suffix
                 if field.required:
-                    label_text += self.required_text
                     label_attrs = {'class':'required'}
                     label_attrs = {}


     margin-bottom: 6px;
+label.required {
+    font-weight: bold;
     border: 1px solid #007633;


      <p>Details for <b>{{ }}</b>:</p>
      {% else %}
      <p>Please enter the details needed to book a place on a camp. Required fields
-       are starred.</p>
+       are <b>in bold</b>.</p>
      {% endif %}
   {% endif %}
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