Luke Plant committed 4e4b6d9

Implemented 'add another' button on 'list bookings' page

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         self.assertContains(resp, "id_book_now_btn")
         # Total:
         self.assertContains(resp, "£100.01")
+    def test_add_another_btn(self):
+        self.login()
+        self.create_place()
+        resp ='cciw.bookings.views.list_bookings'), {'add_another': '1'})
+        self.assertEqual(302, resp.status_code)
+        newpath = reverse('cciw.bookings.views.add_place')
+        self.assertTrue(resp['Location'].endswith(newpath))


         c['total'] = total
         return c
+    def post(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
+        if 'add_another' in request.POST:
+            return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('cciw.bookings.views.add_place'))
+        return self.get(request, *args, **kwargs)
 index = BookingIndex.as_view()
 start = BookingStart.as_view()
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