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Presentation tweak to 'booking secretary report page' to add rowspans to certain rows

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+from collections import defaultdict
 import datetime
 import operator
 import urlparse
     bookings = Booking.objects.filter(camp__year__exact=year,
                                       account__in=[ for o in outstanding])
     bookings = bookings.order_by('account__name','first_name','last_name')
-    # Decorate with the already calculated 'total_amount_due'
+    # Decorate with the already calculated 'total_amount_due', and with 'number
+    # of bookings for this account'
+    counts = defaultdict(int)
+    for b in bookings:
+        counts[b.account_id] += 1
     for b in bookings:
         b.account.calculated_balance = total_amount_due_dict[b.account_id] - b.account.total_received
+        b.count_for_account = counts[b.account_id]
     return render(request, 'cciw/officers/booking_secretary_reports.html',
                   {'year': year, 'camps': camps,


   {% for b in bookings %}
     {% ifchanged %}
-    <td>{{ }}</td>
-    <td>{{ }}</td>
-    <td>{{ b.account.phone_number }}</td>
-    <td>{{ b.account.calculated_balance }}</td>
-    {% else %}
-    <td colspan=4></td>
+    <td rowspan="{{ b.count_for_account }}">{{ }}</td>
+    <td rowspan="{{ b.count_for_account }}">{{ }}</td>
+    <td rowspan="{{ b.count_for_account }}">{{ b.account.phone_number }}</td>
+    <td rowspan="{{ b.count_for_account }}">{{ b.account.calculated_balance }}</td>
     {% endifchanged %}
     <td>{{ }}</td>
     <td>{{ }}</td>
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