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 /******************* COLOURS *******************/
 Primary Color:
-00B64F	22884F	007633	37DA7E	9BDAB7
+00B64F	22884F	007633	(37DA7E) BACB97
 Secondary Color A:
 FF8900	BF7D30	A65900	FFA640	FFBE73
-(Secondary Color B:
-DC0055	A52959	8F0037	EE3B80	EE6B9E)
 /* Include all borders here too */
 #menubar ul li a:hover {
-    background-color:#9bdab7;
+    background-color:#bacb97;
 #menubar ul li,
 #menubar ul li {
 table.simpleform th,
 table.topheaders th
-    background-color: #9bdab7;
+    background-color: #bacb97;
 table.sideheaders th,
     border: 1px solid #007633;
-    background-color: #9bdab7;
+    background-color: #bacb97;
 .postMessage blockquote
     border-left: 2px solid #00b64f;
-    background-color: #9bdab7;
+    background-color: #bacb97;
 .postMessage .memberquote
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