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Fixed crasher if 'pay' page is accessed when deposit is not defined

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         balance = acc.get_balance()
         self.context['balance'] = balance
         self.context['account_id'] =
-        self.context['price_deposit'] = Price.objects.get(year=get_thisyear(), price_type=PRICE_DEPOSIT).price
+        # This view should be accessible even if prices for the current year are
+        # not defined.
+        price_deposit = list(Price.objects.filter(year=get_thisyear(), price_type=PRICE_DEPOSIT))
+        if len(price_deposit) == 0:
+            price_deposit = None
+        else:
+            price_deposit = price_deposit[0].price
+        self.context['price_deposit'] = price_deposit
         domain = get_current_domain()
         protocol = 'https' if self.request.is_secure() else 'http'


 <p>If you cancel your place, your payment will be refunded, apart from the
-deposit of £{{ price_deposit }}. If we are forced to cancel the camp for some
+deposit{% if price_deposit %} of £{{ price_deposit }}{% endif %}. If we are forced to cancel the camp for some
 reason, you will receive a full refund.</p>
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