Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed a0e2a15

Removed 'login' link from standard page

Very few people use it now, and it can confuse officers, who want to log in,
but need to go to the officer section.

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 {% block extrapageheader %}
 <div id="quicklinks">
+	{% if current_member %}	
-	{% if current_member %}	
 		<li>Logged in as :  <a href="{{current_member.get_absolute_url}}">{{current_member.user_name}}</a></li>
 		<li><a href="{{current_member.get_absolute_url}}messages/inbox/">{{current_member.new_messages}} new message(s)</a></li>
-	{% else %}
-		<li><a href="/login/?redirect={{ request.get_full_path}}">Login</a></li>
+	</ul>
 	{% endif %}
-	</ul>
 {% endblock %}
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