Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed a3222fd

Fixed BBCode parser handling for [[\tag]

Thanks to hizel for the initial patch and test

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                     if tagname in _TAGNAMES:
                         # genuine tag
                         if wholematch.startswith('[['):
-                            # in case of "[[tag]blah":
+                            # in case of "[[tag]blah" and "[[/tag]blah"
-                        if wholematch.startswith('[/'):
+                        if (wholematch.startswith('[/') or
+                            wholematch.startswith('[[/')):
                             # closing


     # empty string should return nothing
+    # [[/tag] test
+    ('[quote]Apple][[/quote]after tag',
+            '<blockquote><div>Apple][</div></blockquote><div>after tag</div>'),
     # Bible:
         '<blockquote class="bible"><div>test</div></blockquote>'),
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