Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed e7c066a

Fixed test failure and bug with booking_problems_json

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         self.assertEqual(json['account']['post_code'], 'ABC')
     def test_booking_problems(self):
+        self.add_prices()
         acc1 = BookingAccount.objects.create(email="",
                                              name="Mr Foo")


         instance =
         # We will get errors later on if prices don't exist for the year chosen, so
         # we check that first.
-        if not Price.objects.filter(,
-                                    price_type=instance.price_type).exists():
+        if not is_booking_open(
             retval['problems'] = ['Prices have not been set for the year %d' %]
             problems, warnings = instance.get_booking_problems(booking_sec=True)
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