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[project @ 371]
Fixed the definition of 'member_tags' (not used currently)

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 add_tagging_fields(creator_model=Member, creator_attrname='post_tags', target_model=Post, target_attrname='tags')
 add_tagging_fields(creator_model=Member, creator_attrname='topic_tags', target_model=Topic, target_attrname='tags')
 add_tagging_fields(creator_model=Member, creator_attrname='photo_tags', target_model=Photo, target_attrname='tags')
-add_tagging_fields(creator_model=Member, creator_attrname='member_tags', target_model=Post, target_attrname='tags')
+add_tagging_fields(creator_model=Member, creator_attrname='member_tags', target_model=Member, target_attrname='tags')
 def render_post(post):
     return '<a href="%s">Post by %s: %s...</a>' % \
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