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Diff from to


 from django.utils.html import escape, escapejs
 from import send_booking_approved_mail
-from cciw.bookings.models import Price, BookingAccount, Booking, ChequePayment, RefundPayment, BOOKING_APPROVED, BOOKING_INFO_COMPLETE
+from cciw.bookings.models import Price, BookingAccount, Booking, ManualPayment, RefundPayment, BOOKING_APPROVED, BOOKING_INFO_COMPLETE
 from cciw.cciwmain.common import get_thisyear
 from cciw.utils.views import close_window_response
         return retval
-class ChequePaymentAdminFormBase(forms.ModelForm):
+class ManualPaymentAdminFormBase(forms.ModelForm):
     account = account_autocomplete_field()
     def clean(self):
-        retval = super(ChequePaymentAdminFormBase, self).clean()
+        retval = super(ManualPaymentAdminFormBase, self).clean()
         if self.instance is not None and is not None:
-            raise forms.ValidationError("Cheque payments cannot be changed "
+            raise forms.ValidationError("Manual payments cannot be changed "
                                         "after being created. If an error was made, "
                                         "delete this record and create a new one. ")
         return retval
-class ChequePaymentAdminForm(ChequePaymentAdminFormBase):
+class ManualPaymentAdminForm(ManualPaymentAdminFormBase):
     class Meta:
-        model = ChequePayment
+        model = ManualPayment
-class RefundPaymentAdminForm(ChequePaymentAdminFormBase):
+class RefundPaymentAdminForm(ManualPaymentAdminFormBase):
     class Meta:
         model = RefundPayment
-class ChequePaymentAdminBase(admin.ModelAdmin):
+class ManualPaymentAdminBase(admin.ModelAdmin):
     list_display = ['account', 'amount', 'created']
     search_fields = ['account__name']
     date_hierarchy = 'created'
             return []
-class ChequePaymentAdmin(ChequePaymentAdminBase):
-    form = ChequePaymentAdminForm
+class ManualPaymentAdmin(ManualPaymentAdminBase):
+    form = ManualPaymentAdminForm
-class RefundPaymentAdmin(ChequePaymentAdminBase):
+class RefundPaymentAdmin(ManualPaymentAdminBase):
     form = RefundPaymentAdminForm, PriceAdmin), BookingAccountAdmin), BookingAdmin), ChequePaymentAdmin), ManualPaymentAdmin), RefundPaymentAdmin)
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