cciw-website / README

This code is not intended to be an out of the box solution for anyone -- it
is a snapshot of the source code of the CCIW website made available simply
for those who wish to browse the source (or copy it under a BSD license).  I
don't have the time to support anything here (apart from the 'validator' app
which happens to be included but is distributed separately), so you are
completely on your own in terms of working things out!

Nor is it meant to be 'best practice' Django -- Django has changed
since the project has started, and I don't claim to be the world's
greatest Python/Django programmer anyway.

It also doesn't include various bit and pieces that would not have
been useful to other people e.g. my database migration scripts and
various media files.

I rolled my own because Django at the time didn't have any functionality for
this.  Some of my code made it's way into Django's implementation, but it
isn't compatible AFAIK.

The project `django-tagging' ( )
didn't exist when I wrote this -- I imagine that you would be much better
off using that project than my implementation.


- You need to have the unpacked directory in your Python path somewhere
- Additionl dependencies:
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