Luke Plant avatar Luke Plant committed a29f678

Fixed bugs with 'this sunday' view.

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         self.vevent = vevent # for debugging
     def nice_time(self):
-        if self.start.hour < 11:
+        if not hasattr(self.start, 'time'):
+            return ''
+        if self.start.time().hour < 11:
             return "Morning"
-        elif self.start.hour >= 17:
+        elif self.start.time().hour >= 17:
             return "Evening"
             return "Afternoon"
             # not part way through, so truncate hour to zero
             today =
             if d > today and d < today + timedelta(7):
-                events.append(Event(d, vevent.summary.value))
+                events.append(Event(vevent.summary.value, d))
         c['events'] = events
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