christchurch_django / contacts /

from contacts.webfaction import webfaction_session

def update_home_group_lists(*args, **kwargs):
    from .models import HomeGroup, Contact
    if kwargs.get('raw', False):
        return # don't do this for fixture loading

    s = webfaction_session()
    if s is None:
        # This happens during development

    webfaction_email_list = [d['email_address'] for d in s.list_emails()]

    for hg in HomeGroup.objects.exclude(group_email=''):
        if hg.group_email != '':
            email_list = list(set([
                                   for c in hg.contact_set.exclude(email='').filter(include_on_email_lists=True)]))
            email_list_s = ', '.join(email_list)
            if hg.group_email in webfaction_email_list:
                # Update:
                s.update_email(hg.group_email, email_list_s)
                # Create new
                s.create_email(hg.group_email, email_list_s)

    # Lists for all church members and all contacts
    contacts = set()
    members = set()
    for c in Contact.objects.exclude(email='').filter(include_on_email_lists=True):
        if c.church_member:

    s.update_email('', ', '.join(list(contacts)))
    s.update_email('', ', '.join(list(members)))
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