diff-match-patch / README.original.txt

Diff, Match and Patch Library
Neil Fraser

This library is currently available in seven different ports, all using the same API.
Every version includes a full set of unit tests.

* Ported by Mike Slemmer.
* Currently requires the Qt library.

* Ported by Matthaeus G. Chajdas.

* Included is both the source and a Maven package.

* diff_match_patch_uncompressed.js is the human-readable version.
* diff_match_patch.js has been compressed using Google's internal JavaScript compressor.
  External hackers are recommended to use http://dean.edwards.name/packer/

* Ported by Duncan Cross.
* Does not support line-mode speedup.

Objective C:
* Ported by Jan Weiss.
* Includes speed test (this is a separate bundle for other languages).

* Two versions, one for Python 2.x, the other for Python 3.x.
* Runs 10x faster under PyPy than CPython.

* Separate demos for Diff, Match and Patch in JavaScript.
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