Luke Plant committed d3f4787

Added uk_county and uk_postcode sources.

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 from datetime import datetime
 import random
-randrange = random.SystemRandom().randrange
 from django.db import transaction
 from django.db.utils import IntegrityError
+from faker import data
 from faker import Faker
+from faker.utils import uk_postcode
+randrange = random.SystemRandom().randrange
 class DjangoFaker(object):
         d = self.datetime(obj=obj, field=field, val=val)
+    def uk_postcode(self, field=None):
+        return self._get_allowed_value(uk_postcode, field)
+    def uk_county(self, field=None):
+        source = lambda: random.choice(data.UK_COUNTIES)
+        return self._get_allowed_value(source, field)
     ## Other attributes provided by 'Faker':
     # username
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