django-anonymizer / docs / replacers.rst

Replacers - fake data sources

A 'replacer' is a source of faked data. The replacers in this module can be referred to using a string that is simply the name of the function. They are listed below.

Standard replacers

Custom replacers

Custom replacers can be used by defining them as callables.

When run by the anonymizer, the callable will be passed the Anonymizer object, the object being altered, the field being altered, and the current value of the field. It must return random data of the appropriate type. You can use lambda *args: my_constant_value to return a constant.

All of the replacers defined in this module use a :class:`anonymizer.base.DjangoFaker` instance to generate fake data, and this object may be of use to you in writing your own replacers. The DjangoFaker instance is available on the Anonymizer instance in the faker attribute. So, you could have a replacer callable defined like this, which uses :meth:`anonymizer.base.DjangoFaker.simple_pattern`:

lambda anon, obj, field, val: anon.faker.simple_pattern('???##', field=field)