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tyrion  committed 1e496be

Added a request param to AutoCompleteView's not_found and forbidden methods.

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         self.settings = dict()
     def __call__(self, request, ac_name, query_param='query'):
-        if not self.settings.get(ac_name):
-            return self.not_found(ac_name)
+        if not ac_name in self.settings:
+            return self.not_found(request, ac_name)
         qs, fields, limit, key, label, auth = self.settings[ac_name]
         if auth and not request.user.is_authenticated():
-            return self.forbidden(ac_name)
+            return self.forbidden(request, ac_name)
         query = request.GET.get(query_param, '')
         filter = Q()
                  label=lambda obj: smart_unicode(obj), auth=False):
         self.settings[id] = (queryset, fields, limit, key, label, auth)
-    def not_found(self, ac_name):
+    def not_found(self, request, ac_name):
         return HttpResponse(status=404)
-    def forbidden(self, ac_name):
+    def forbidden(self, request, ac_name):
         return HttpResponse(status=403)
     def reverse_label(self, ac_name, key_value):